I. Preliminary provisions.

§ 1

According to art. 20 (1) of the Law dated 18 July 2002 on provision of services by electronic means (Dz.U. 2002 No 144 pos. 1204 as amended) and according to art. 173 of the Law dated 16 July 2004 Telecommunications Law (Dz. U. 2004 No 171 pos. 1800), e-mail:, hereinafter referred to as ‘Executor’ introduces this Privacy and cookies policy, hereinafter referred to as ‘Policy’.

§ 2

1. Concepts starting with a capital letter in this Policy, unless otherwise specified, have the meaning described in the Best-Agri Terms and Conditions.

2. The term ‘User’ means, according to the context: a User as specified by the Terms and Conditions or any Internet user visiting the website.

II. Personal data.

§ 3

1. In order to use the services offered by the Executor through the Website, the User must fill in an appropriate form. Specific personal data is required.

2. Providing personal data in the form is voluntary, however, necessary to provide services by the Executor to the User through the Website.

3. Any personal data that the User enters into the registration form or provides in correspondence with the Executor are processed in a manner consistent with the requirements specified in the Polish law, and above all the Act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data (uniform text: Journal of Laws dated 2002, No 101, pos. 926 as amended) as well as the law dated 18 July 2002 (Journal of Laws dated 2002, No 144, pos. 1204 as amended).

§ 4

1. The personal data administrator is the Executor.

2. The Executor may entrust the processing of collected personal data of Users to another entity on the basis of the agreement concluded with it, pursuant to Article 31 of the Act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data. The User's personal data shall be entrusted by the Executor, in particular to entities providing the Website hosting services to the Executor.

§ 5

The User has the right to access his or her personal data and may verify or correct them, as well as to delete them by sending a relevant request to the Executor.

§ 6

1. The Executor processes the User's personal data and uses them to the extent and for the purpose necessary to provide services offered via the Website.

2. On the basis of an additional and optional consent which the User may express in a separate statement, the Executor may process Users' personal data for marketing purposes. If you give such consent, you may then revoke it at any time.

§ 7

The Executor, on the basis of an additional and optional consent granted by the User, has the right to send commercial information by e-mail or telephone. The consent referred to in the preceding sentence may be revoked by the User at any time.

§ 8

Personal data collected by the Executor may be transferred to state bodies authorized under applicable laws and regulations.

III. Cookies.

§ 9

1. The Executor uses cookies, i.e. small text information stored on the User's end device (e.g. computer, tablet, smartphone). Cookies may be read by the Executor's IT system.

2. The Executor stores cookies on the User's end device and then accesses the information contained in them for statistical purposes, ensuring proper functioning of the website, and in particular adjusting the content of the website to the user.

§ 10

1. The Executor also informs Users that it is possible to configure the Internet browser in such a way that it is impossible to store cookies on the User's end device.

2. The Executor also points out that cookies may be deleted by the User after being saved by the Executor through: appropriate functions of the Internet browser, programs used for this purpose or using appropriate tools available within the operating system used by the User.

3. The following links provide information on how to remove cookies in the most popular web browsers:

- Firefox:,

- Opera:,

- Internet Explorer:,

- Chrome:

§ 11

The Executor also informs Users that changing the configuration of a web browser, which prevents or restricts the storage of cookies on the User's end device, may result in limiting the functionality of the services provided. Similar results may be achieved by deleting cookies while the service is being provided. This may result in a lack of possibility to login to the Website or an interruption of the session after logging in.

IV. Data contained in system logs.

§ 12

Information contained in system logs in connection with the general rules of Internet connection execution is used by the hosting company operating the Website for technical and statistical purposes only.

V. Technical means applied by the Executor.

§ 13

The Executor shall use technical means required by the current provisions on personal data protection to prevent the acquisition and modification by unauthorized persons of personal data sent electronically.

VI. Other.

§ 14

The User is not able to use the services provided by the Website anonymously or under a pseudonym.

§ 15

The Executor will also register the IP number of the computer via which the User will use the Website.

§ 16

1. In case of questions or opinions on the Policy employed by the Executor, please send them by mail on the address:

2. The Policy can be found on the website as well as in the Executor’s premises.